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Root Canal Treatments

Most people have heard of root canals and the myth of how painful they are. However, many do not know how the real purpose of a root canal, or that it should generally be a pain-free experience. At Advanced Dental Care we are skilled in performing root canal treatments that will stop the pain of tooth infections and can save your teeth.

Why Root Canal Therapy?

A nerve runs through each of our healthy teeth, allowing the tooth to feel sensations such as hot and cold. However, severe decay can sometimes infect the nerve or damage the pulp, the soft material inside the tooth. When this happens, the tooth itself may feel extremely painful and may form an abscess as the infection grows worse. Left untreated, this infection can destroy the tooth itself and spread to other parts of the body. However, a root canal can help remove this infection and save the tooth. Simply, put, a root canal can be thought of as a cleaning and filling for the nerve of the tooth.

Easing the Pain of an Infected Tooth

While all root canal procedures are slightly different depending upon each person’s circumstances, most treatments follow the same general procedure. After taking X-rays to determine the extent of the infection, we will typically apply a local anesthetic to completely numb your infected tooth. This helps ensure that the process is virtually painless. Then we remove the decayed, infected pulp and any other bacteria, and completely clean the inside of your tooth. We may also prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate any residual infection. Finally, we will seal the tooth. Because teeth that need root canals are often weakened, we will also fit the tooth for a crown, as necessary.

Far from being a painful process, a root canal treatment actually helps eliminate the extreme pain many people feel from infected teeth. Indeed, root canal treatment is a vital procedure to help prevent infections from endangering your teeth or potentially spreading and causing additional health problems.

There are a variety of tell-tale signs that you have a tooth infection, including pain, darkening of the tooth, or a pimple along the gum line. However, sometimes you may experience no symptoms. If you believe you have a tooth infection tooth infection it’s important to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.

At Advanced Dental Care our staff is experienced at root canals and other dental surgeries to help put you back on the road to a healthy smile. If you have an infected tooth, call us today at (920) 892-8466 to schedule an appointment. Let us help put an end to your pain.

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